Outfit, Ladies Viking Deluxe

This deluxe package gives you all the basic garments for a Scandinavian or Scandinavian-influenced impression circa 700-1100.  Package contains a linen gown, linen hangerock (overgown), linen stockings and a choice of linen headwear. 
BONUS: We’ll include a pair of tied garters and a pair of simple open ring brooches FREE with each package purchase.

Establish the status of your portrayal with colour, and then dress it up or down with various accessories such as jewelry, belt, purse, shoes, garters, etc. (Accessories not included).

The Early Medieval Gown is a well documented, generic early medieval style,  appropriate for the period 900-1300. The pattern based  on a number of extant garments from the 11th-13th C. which share similar patterning details.  It is recommended by Regia Anglorum and the Vikings for Anglo Saxon and Norman portrayals. It may be worn alone or layered with other garments.

The body is a generously sized "A" shape, flaring from the point of the shoulder to hem. The bottom width is increased with gores inserted from waist to hem. The sleeves are tapered to the wrist, and have a square gusset under the arm. The neckline is round and finished with a self-fabric facing. Sizing allows for floor length on most women.  Medium weight linen.
The pattern for our 'Hangeroc' or Viking Apron dress is extrapolated from the description of extant pieces from the Hedeby find. Close fitting around the bust, the skirt flares out below the waist.  Straps over the shoulder pin to the front creating an ‘apron’ effect. The hangeroc is available in either linen or wool, in stock sizes or made to order at additional cost.


Braies A grave find which included long stockings gives a small shred of evidence for women of this era wearing underwear. Many of our customers wear some sort of shorts under their clothing to prevent chafing and for modesty's sake, and since most find wearing linen 'underpants' more comfortable than bike shorts, we're offering drawstring linen underwear as an option with this set.

As an alternative option, clients may choose one of our 'Colours of the Dark Ages' hand dyed wool needlework yarn collections. Evidence demonstrates that the concept of adding needle-worked decoration to clothing was well established by the Early Bronze Age (1500-500 B.C.) in Denmark, and by the Iron Age (500-100 B.C.) in other parts of Europe. As early as 700 A.D., in a document on ecclesiastical and domestic work, Aldhelm Sherbourne speaks of the skill of the English embroiderers. 

Saxon women were famous throughout Europe for their embroidery skills and were probably employed to do the work on the Bayeux "tapestry." Finds at Bjerringhøj, Jorvík, Birka, Valsgärde and Bjerringhøj also yielded quantities of embroidery to further support the use of needle arts to decorate clothing. 

Clients choose this option have their choice of one of our two collections:

'Colours of Dark Ages'-Bright Colours

'Colours of Dark Ages'-Deep Colours

(Please choose braies -OR- Dark Ages Collection- Bright -OR- Dark Ages Collection Deep (Choice of ONE)


The pattern for Stockings was derived from the Bocksten man’s hosen and from hose fragments found at Bayard’s Castle Dock in London.  The attached foot has been redesigned to remove the underfoot seams which a modern person would find uncomfortable. 

Stockings are made of bias cut linen fabric and are sized to fit a woman's leg and foot. Medium weight linen.
Jorvik (Coppergate) Hood is made of a rectangle of cloth with a rounded seam over the crown of the head. Made to the measurements of the original, it is long enough to fall to the shoulder, covering the head and neck. Examples of this type of hood have been recovered from the Viking finds at Jorvík (Viking York), Lincoln and Dublin and are described in  ‘Textiles, Cordage and Raw Fibre from 16-22 Coppergate’ by, Penelope Walton (Council for British Archaeology, London, England 1989).

Some Members of Regia Anglorum have interpreted images from the period as a Triangular head scarf (O.E. feax-clath ) knotted at the nape of the neck, so we offer this as style of head covering as well.  

BONUS: We’ll include a pair of tied garters and a pair of simple open ring brooches FREE with each package purchase.  $296.75 if purchased separately. Save $26.80 when you purchase the package -and- receive the tied garters and brooches FREE! (a $9.85 value)


All garments are made of high quality linen or wool, expertly cut and professionally sewn for a polished look and long life.  All are based on extant garments/fragments and/or period artwork and have no visible machine stitching.

Please choose your size and color preferences below-- we'll do our best to accommodate your wishes but occasionally our stock differs slightly from the menus. In that case we'll contact you.  If you’d like some help making your choices, feel free to give us a call- we’re always happy to help!


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