The games of alquerque and draughts or chequers are closely related, the European game of draughts most probably originating from the Islamic game of alquerque in early Tudor times. Both games are a battle between two equally matched undifferentiated armies - an apparent simplicity that masks the need for high strategy.

It is thought that Alquerque originated in Egypt and was introduced into Europe by Arabs invading Spain in the early 8th C. Its Arabic name El-quirkat was corrupted to the Spanish alquerque. The game is similar to draughts or checkers; it has the same number of pieces and rules of capture and the strategies of play are comparable.


It is likely that draughts originated when alquerque was played on a chessboard in the late 15th C.

Leather playing board, handmade wood disc game pieces and full instructions. Comes packed in a sturdy cardboard tube for secure transport and storage. Hand made in Wales by Gothic Green Oak.


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