Book, 'Hastings 1066, And Everyday Life in the 11th century'

On October 14, 1066, the battle of Hastings forever changed the destiny of England. The victory of the Normans over the Anglo-Saxon transform England’s language, its institutions and its architecture. This monograph describes out the course of the battle as well as the arms and armour of the combatants. Civilian life is also explored through reconstructions of the clothing and day to day objects of the period. Also included is a proposed menu for William’s victory feast.

The gorgeous full colour photos of clothing, military and archery equipment, leatherware, textiles and embroideries invite the reader to discover the many aspects of life in the 11th century.

In October 2006, the reenactment of this battle by 3800 participants afforded the authors and photographers the unique opportunity to place panels of the Bayeux Tapestry side by side with photographs taken during the reenactment. These splendid photos bring us directly into the heart of events which occured on that fateful day.

Brought to you by the same publisher as our living history magazines, this high quality French text publication is jam-packed with glorious living history photos, maps, diagrams, recipes and more!

Editions Heimdal/ApHV
84 pages
Hard cover
Text: French
Colour photographs throughout, plus reconstructions and drawings


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