Badge, Pierced heart lovers' token, 15th century

The heart was the primary symbol of love and many examples of heart badges have been found. In this example, the heart is crowned (a relatively common feature of such badges), and is pierced by love’s arrow. The frame consists of well worked dot and circle decoration, with six projecting trefoils. Badges such as this were probably given as love tokens. The original of this badge was found at the abandoned 15th century village of Walraversijde, near Ostend, Belgium.

Please note: This badge is fitted with a modern tie-type pin and clutch which will not mar clothing. Pin cannot be seen when the badge is afixed to clothing or hat.

Description: A heart pierced by love’s arrow, within a decorative frame.
Period: 15th C.
Size: 32mm diameter
Material: Lead free pewter
Original: Found in the abandoned village of Walraversijde, near Ostend, Belgium.

Van Beuningen, Inv. #1615, c. 1400-1450

Produced in association with the Provincie West-Vlaanderen / Institut voor
het Archeologisch Patrimonium


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