Almond "Confetti'

'Sugar comes not only from Arabia and India, but also from Crete and Sicily. Pliny calls it the honey collected from cane...By melting it, we make almonds, pine nuts, hazel nuts, coriander, anise, cinnamon and many other things into sweets.'

So writes Bartolemeo Sacchi, called 'Platina' on Sugar (De Saccharo) in Book II of 'De Honesta Voluptate et Valetunine' (On right Pleasure and Good Health, 1465)

The practice of turning nuts and seeds into 'confectione', or 'confetti' began with the ancient Romans, who celebrated births and marriages with honeyed almonds. Preceding the arrival of sugar into European kitchens in the late middle ages, the sweets were made with honey.  When sugar became more readily available, the nuts were coated with sugar instead.

Regrettably, sugared almonds have become something of a modern holiday food, appearing at fall markets in the form of 'Gebrannte Mandeln' in Germany, 'Brända Mandlar' in Sweden and 'Cinnamon' or 'Burnt Sugar Almonds' elsewhere around Europe.  Our almond 'confetti' have a delicious sugar and cinnamon coating that can be enjoyed any time of year. They make the perfect end of meal accompaniment to a glass of hypocras at your next medieval feast!

8oz. of cinnamon sugared almonds are packed in a fancy fabric bag tied with a bow. The history of sugared almonds is attached to each package (not shown). Fabric patterns and colours will vary. (Almonds are packaged in interior plastic bag for quality.)

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