Outfit, Button Neck Tunic, Complete - Linen


This value priced package gives you the basic garments for a mid-status European or Iberian portrayal circa 1250-1325. 


Package contains a shirt, braies (underpants, your choice of 13th or 14th C.), leg coverings called chausses, and a tunic. All four garments are made of linen. 


Outfit package includes a FREE pair of tied garters! 




The Button neck tunic is a well documented early medieval style which can be seen in the Morgan Bible (The Pierpont Morgan Library, New York, Ms M. 638, also called the Maciejowski Bible), and the Arena Chapel Frescoes by Giotto (c.1305-1306).  

The cut is based on a number of extant garments from the period: the Skjoldehamn kirtle (1000-1210), Kragelund man's kirtle (1045-1155) and the shirt of St. Louis of France (circa 1250, Notre Dame).  




Shirt is based on the shirt of St. Louis (King Louis IX of France), which is preserved in Notre Dame, Paris. The original dates to 1250, and is said to be the oldest extant undergarment. Our shirt copies the cut of the original and is made of fine white linen.



Your choice of ONE of the following styles of underpants:

13th C. BRAIES

Full, above-knee length underwear has very wide panel in crotch. Examples may be seen in early manuscript marginalia and period carnival badges. Made of opaque linen. Wear with St. Louis shirt and chausses for 12th and 13th century styles. Minimal visible exterior machine stitching.




14th. C BRAIES

Simple, boxer style braies as seen in the Four Seasons of the House of Cerruti (“Barley”), Tacuinum Sanitatis (“Rye”) and other manuscripts of the 14th century. 




Single leg hose or chausses can be seen in artwork from the 13th (Maciejowski Bible), 14th (Tres Riches Heures) and early 15th (Mantegna) centuries. Worn laced to our 13th or 14th century braies, a belt or pourpoint, these versatile leggings may be worn rolled down to knee or ankle in hot weather. 


Pattern is a variation of the Bocksten man's hosen and from hose fragments found at Baynards Castle Dock. The attached foot has been redesigned to remove the underfoot seams. Simple laces are included. 



BONUS- We'll include a pair of tied garters FREE with each package purchase. Garters add a bit of dash to your outfit as well as keeping the chausses smooth on the leg, as well as allowing them to be worn rolled to the knee in hot weather. 


$298.75 if purchased separately.  Save $23.80 when you purchase the package -and- receive a pair of garters FREE!


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