Outfit, 14th-15th C. Under Armour

Under armour package contains all the undergarments necessary for wear under plate harness 1380-1540. Shirt and braies are made of high quality linen, hose are made of 100% merino wool, expertly cut and professionally sewn for a polished look and long life.  All garments are based on extant garments and/or period artwork and have no visible machine stitching.

Package contains- 

  • Arming doublet
  • Linen shirt, your choice of tie or slit neck style
  • Boiled wool hose
  • Underwear, your choice of 15th C, Lengberg or 'boxer' style (14th C.)
  • Arming coif
  • FREE BONUS: Felt hat or acorn hat


Our Arming doublet is strongly built of stout fabrics, reinforced in key stress points and lined in linen. The pattern is derived from the illumination of a man being armed which accompanies the text in the Hastings Manuscript, the donor portrait of Don Inigo de Mendoza by Jorge Ingles, c1450 in which he wears an arming doublet, which mirrors civilian styles of the period.

One of the key features of the design is the armhole and sleeve head, which isolates the motion of the arm from the body, allowing an completely unencumbered range of motion. The sleeve tapers close to the arm as it descends, providing a trim fit under your arm harness.

The doublet closes in the center front and at the wrist with points. Spiral lacing at the center front and center back allow for a completely custom fit on the body. A matrix of 18 eyelets over each hip and near the side allow for custom placement of the leg harness. 6 eyelets on the outside of each upper arm allow for custom placement of the arm harness. The arming doublet is reinforced in the peplum, collar, shoulder and upper arm area. Thread eyelets are worked through all layers to prevent tear-throughs. Each garment is made to the client's measurements, and we guarantee the fit.

Choose one of the following:

Tie-Neck Shirt is a simple, loose fitting shirt with tubular sleeves and underarm gusset that has become a reenactor standard in the USA and Europe. Collar band extends into ties in front. Based on the paintings "Giuliano da San Gallo" by Piero di Cosimo in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam and "Nativity" by Piero di Dominico in the National Gallery in Sienna.

Slit-Neck Shirt is similar in cut to the tie neck shirt, being simply cut with tubular sleeves and an underarm gusset a nd  'boat' neckline. The cut is based on the Rogart shirt which was found in a grave near Springhill, Knockan, Parish of Rogart, Sutherland (Scotland) and has been tentatively dated to the 14th C.


Choose one of the following:

Fly-front "jockey" or Y front style Braies are based on an illuminated edition of Bocaccio's Decameron in the Biblioteque de l'Arsenal, Paris, dated 1430-40. Made of opaque linen.

'Lengberg' Underwear are based on the underwear found in Lengberg Castle, Austria in 2008. Made of opaque linen.

'14th C. Braies' are a simple style which look much like modern boxer shorts.  This style braies is seen in the Four Seasons of the House of Cerruti (“Barley”), Tacuinum Sanitatis (“Rye”) and other manuscripts of the 14th and 15th centuries. Made of opaque linen.


Full, Joined Hose - The legs are closed from front to back through the crotch. A shaped and lined but unstructured codpiece covers the front closure area. Legs have a seam running waist to heel, and have a full foot. Thread eyelets located on the upper edge point to a doublet or pourpoint.  Based on a pair of late 15th, early 16th C. hose preserved in the Alpirsbach Monastery Museum in Bern. 


Arming Coif is made in 3 pieces to fit closely to the head. The arming coif is useful for keeping sweat and/or hair out of the eyes.  The coif is made of a single layer of linen and is not intended to provide padding for the helmet.


FREE BONUS:  A gentleman is never seen without a hat, so we include a felt or acorn hat for wear when you have removed your helmet but are still in armour!

5 pieces $518.75 if purchased separately.  Save $43.80 when you purchase the package. 

Bonus - Receive the Felt or Acorn hat FREE - a $22.95 value, for a total savings of $66.75.

Please note that if the hose are not in stock, production can take up to 6-8 weeks. If you would like your order split shipped, please make a note in the Order Comments section of your order.

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