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Hose, 15th C, Split, pair (MADE TO ORDER)


I was worried that wool leggings would be itchy, but these are anything but. They're incredibly comfortable. They are very thick though, so my feet fit quite a bit more snugly into my shoes than I like. Granted, the turnshoes I wear were sized while I was barefoot, but the squeeze while wearing these is much more noticeable than with athletic socks. If your current shoes fit very, very closely you may encounter a similar probem. When worn with just pattens they make fantastic "I'm just out of bed and puttering around camp" wear. One warning: the garment description does make it clear they don't stay up on their own, but it doesn't say they come without points. That may have been my own na´ve mistake, but I had to run out to the store and get some shoelaces to try them on all the way.
Date Added: 11/23/2016 by Ari Ailin