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Hood, Skjoldehamn, c. 1050-1090


Very nice hood, and the generous amount of fabric on the shoulders is great to helping protect from "shield strap burn". The design is great and looks wonderful on me, and the wool Gwen used to make the "reddish brown" hood passed Regia authenticity check (at the local level) with flying colours (no pun intended). The only negatives (and they're minor) are that the modern stitching along the edges did not pass Regia authenticity, but that's an easy fix (fold the edge over and hand-sew, as Gwen and I discussed at TORM). On the plus side, the whip-stitching on the edging will keep it from fraying after I hem. Prospective buyers should be warned that the fit is VERY snug (even on a medium-sized head); someone with a larger head likely would have problems fitting it on.

All in all, the positives far outweigh the negatives for someone like myself (not very good at sewing and without a lot of free time). I'd love to see this offered in linen!
Date Added: 11/27/2010 by Martin Cox