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Outfit, Ladies', 15th C. gown


Finally, I have the time to write a review…

Outer gown (wool): Beautiful cloth, beautiful dark blue colour, well made, GORGEOUS width of the skirt (7 meters! This is MADNESS!!!) The dress was a little large around the shoulders, but what surprised me most was the …LENGTH of it! Gosh, you American Ladies must be tall! A befriended seamstress took care of that…she took over 20 centimetres off. Now it looks perfect!

Smock (Chemise, inner gown, linen): My favourite piece of all the set. Perfect in length and size, it fits like a glove! I was so surprised! Beautiful material, beautifully made! If I could, I would wear it all the time! I might even wear it as a white dress next summer…

Pair of pin-on sleeves (brocade): These sleeves were my greatest disappointment. The brocade looks truly beautiful, but the sleeves were FAR TOO LARGE!!! I had to return to the seamstress, but they still do not look ok…pity, because the brocade is beautiful.

Flemish coif (linen): What fun it was to try it on! I love this coif! It makes me look so much like a 16th Dutch maid. Reminds me of “Gils with Pearl Earring” by Vermeer.

All in all, I am happy with my stuff. I also ordered a pair of gaiters, which are neat. I also liked the friendly contact with your staff and the possibility to choose material and colours. E-mails were answered right away; staff was very helpful, thank you.

I would deal with you again!

Date Added: 01/15/2010 by Antje Catherine van mark