Kyrtle, Under, Linen, c. 900 - 1100

In the early periods, it would seem that men wore layered tunics instead of a shirt and tunic.  Our undertunic is made of unbleached or lightly bleached (cream coloured) linen, and is intended to be worn in place of a shirt under another tunic.  It has a rounded neckline that shows at the throat of either the Viking gored kyrtle or the Anglo Saxon tunic.

The cut of the Under Kyrtle is based on a number of extant garments which share similar patterning details, specifically, the Skjoldehamn kyrtle (rcd 1029) and Kragelund man's kyrtle (1045-1155).

This garment falls into the "Nockert Type 1" classification, having a tubular torso. The lower edge is full due to gores inserted into the side and/or center front and back. The neckline is rounded, and is large enough to pull over the head. The sleeves are tapered to the wrist, and have a square gusset under the arm for freedom of movement.

This product has been developed in consultation with the Authenticity Officers for Regia Anglorum in the US and UK, as well as the Authenticity Officers for the Vikings UK and NA. Although it is policy for both groups to avoid giving
blanket endorsements to vendors, this garment conforms to current Regia Anglorum and Vikings kit standards.

No visible machine stitching. Offered in unbleached (natural) and cream (sun bleached) linen.

100% Pure Linen

One size fits chest up to 45/46, and is approx. 43" from shoulder to hem.
Large fits chest up to 55/56, and is approx.46" from shoulder to hem.

Pattern credits
I. Marc Carlson, Used with permission

Historical Accuracy Rating


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