Woodblock Print, Veronica's Veil Vernicle

The vernicle is a representation of the image of the head of Christ on St Veronica's veil. The popularity of the legend of St. Veronica can be seen in surviving paintings such as those by the Master of Flemalle in the Städelsches Kunstinstitut, Frankfurt and "St. Veronica with her Veil" in the National Gallery, London.

The vernicle was a type of pilgrim badge sold in Rome, where Veronica's Veil resided . References to such pilgrim signs can be found in literature, notably in Piers Plowman and Chaucer�s Canterbury Tales where it is noted of the Pardoner -

"...a vernicle had he sewn upon his cap..."

Badges from pilgrimage destinations were thought to contain residual protective powers, and there was a great trade in these "holy relics". Much like the Victorian "Snake Oil Salesman", a professional charlatan such as the Pardoner would have an assortment of these trinkets for sale to those in need or who could not afford to make the pilgrimage themselves.

A tiny piece of medieval daily life, our vernicle is available in three styles -
-- on linen so it may be pinned to a cap or sewn to a garment as a protective charm or talisman. An effective touch when sewn to a child's smock!
-- on parchment or handmade paper. These may be pasted in a book, chest, shield or wherever else one would like to add a period touch or devotional object.

These prints are made from a hand cut block, and printed with hand made ink on archival quality conservation grade paper, hand woven linen or parchment. Due to the handmade nature of this item each one is unique.

Black ink. Approx. 2" tall X 2.5 wide

Historical Accuracy Rating

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