Magazine, 'Au Temps des Celtes et des Romains'


  • Chronology of 1st century BC to the 5th century a.d.
  • The legion in campaign
  • Castrorum metatores: Roman military engineers
  • Coriobona, an aristocratic farm in country 
  • The ancient sports: boxing, wrestling and Pankration
  • Les Bretons in the 5th and 6th centuries
  • The military of the Germans in the 1st and 2nd centuries
  • Roman imperial artillery
  • Fibula: history and manufacture
  • Roman cosmetics
  • A Gallo-Roman recipe: sausages Mead and garum
  • Auxiliary Romans of the early Empire
  • The Cherusci of Rome - the fighting Gladiator
  • La Dame de Fécamp - maternity and childhood in Rome
  • Rufus, a schoolboy in Tolosa
  • Dolls in the Roman Empire
  • Namantobogios, the "breaker of enemies": a roman-photos Roman gallo
  • Centurion and prefect: their curriculum based on the steles
  • Roman, Celtic and halves troops in France and abroad

Each article in brought to life by the host of gorgeous, full colour photographs of reenactors at historic sites, artifacts and reconstructions. Most articles have a bibliography for further reading, and many list appropriate suppliers. Each issue wraps up with a list of reenactment groups and their respective contact information. Beautifully laid out and professionally printed on heavy, glossy paper, with dozens of full colour photographs.

Published by the Association Pour L’Histoire Vivant (Association for Living History) in France, all text is in French. These are so beautiful and informative even non-French speakers will enjoy poring over the photos! 

82 pages
8.25" x 11.75"
Full colour
French text


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