Fabric remainder - Peacock silk

This is piece of deep peacock blue silk left over from production. It is stabilized, which means it has been bonded to a thin jersey fabric on the back which supports the silk making it more durable and less prone to stretching out of shape. The backing is completely invisible from the face and would not be seen in a lined garment. This piece is brand new, unused and first quality.  Although it has been in my workroom a while it has been stored in a closed cabinet away from light so there are no faded spots.

Terminology for silk has evolved over the years and I'm honestly not sure what this type of silk is being called now.  It used to be called 'raw silk', due to the coarse weave and multi-thickness threads. As noted above, it is stabilized for improved handling and durability.

We don't really work in silk any more so I am offering it at a budget price to clear out my workroom. There is plenty here for a surcoat, doublet, hood, lining, etc.

There is only one of these so it's first come, first served.


  • 100% silk
  • Peacock blue
  • 113" long
  • 49" wide
  • Unwashed
  • Dry clean only


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