Points, red/black cord, bundle of 12

Fingerloop braids are part of the collections of museums all over the world.  An integral part of everyday life, for centuries they were used as garment fasteners, strings of alms, reliquary and everyday purses, on girdle books and to affix seals to legal documents.

Instruction books describing the various patterns appear in the medieval period, with the earliest instruction manual, Harley 2320 dating from the mid-late 1400's. Along with a mixed bag of topics, the text in Middle English gives instructions for 1 and 2 worker fingerloop braids. Many similar braids can be found in Catherine Tollemache's 'Book of Secrets' (late 15th/early 16th C.)

Finger braiding patterns range from extremely simple to intricate, requiring 3 or more weavers and 6 to 8 hands. Patterns of 3-5 'bowes' or loops are not difficult to learn, but they are time consuming. Thanks to the invention of the braiding machine in the 19th C. a multi strand cord that looks like fingerloop braid can be produced mechanically.

Utilizing this technology, I have had cord which looks like a 'Cheyne brede' or a 'round cheueron of 8  bowes' specially woven to my specifications.  I've used the popular colour combination of red and black to show off the braid pattern.  This cord is of a medium weight which is good for civilian clothing as well as light armour use.

Extant examples of the chapes abound, and dozens if not hundreds of examples of hollow cones made of sheet metal can be found in the Portable Antiquities Scheme, as well in the collection of virtually every museum in Europe. 

Copper alloy chapes securely glued to both ends of braided cord laces. Hole in chape allows you to stitch the chape to the lace if desired. 

Copper alloy chape, braided cotton lace

Approx 22" (56 cm) long overall.

12 doublet ended points per package.

The cord is also available by the yard for your own projects. It may be purchased in single yard lengths, or 5 and 10 yard bundles at a discount.  Find it here: RED/BLACK CORD


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