Points (6), linen arming

... the armynge poyntis muste be made of fyne twyne suche as men make stryngis for crossbowes and they muste be trussid small and poyntid as poyntis. Also they muste be wexid with cordeweneris coode. And than they woll neythirrecche nor breke...'  How a man schall be armyd at his ese when he schal fighte on foote - Hastings MS. [f.122b]

The manuscript goes on to say a man should have on the field 'a dosen tresses of armynge poyntis'- prudent advice, as without them armour is as useless as a cart without wheels!

These arming points are hand made of round braided Romanian linen cord with metal chapes firmly attached on both ends. Strong and supple, they come to you unwaxed and are perfect for arm harness and closing the front of the arming doublet.   An essential bit of kit for any armour wearer.

6 - 22"-24" long, round braided linen cord with metal chapes on both ends, UNWAXED

This product is a bundle of 6.  Set of 12 available here


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