Mini Crossbow

These crossbows are made in Southern Ca. by a very nice retired gentleman who lives in the next town. These are his design, and he makes them all one at a time, by hand in his workshop.

The crossbow is approx. 12 inches long prod to butt.

The prod is approx 12 inches across
The stock (body) is made of oak.
The nut (the firing pin) is poplar
The prod (bendy metal bit across the front) is 2 layers of 5/8" metal banding
The trigger (keeps the firing pin in place) is American saddle leather
The string is REI's highest quality no-stretch rock climbing cord (colour may vary from photo)
Each bow has a cord loop in the back so you can hang it from your belt. Conveniently, the loop is made of the same climbing cord as the string, so you have an extra string.
They are hand finished with an Australian wood oil and wax finish.

These are well made little toys that will last virtually a lifetime. We have a Crossbow Range at the Tournament of the Phoenix every year, and kids shoot these bows literally thousands of times over the weekend without a single failure. The only caveat is that shooting them is addictive. As long as you have ammunition, *anything* becomes a target. 

Shoots peanuts, grapes, marshmallows, wine corks, Nerf darts, etc.  We use the large size horse pellets as they fly straight and strike their target with a satisfying 'plink'.  

PLEASE NOTE- In house testing has determined that this crossbow will easily fire a wine cork 80' - 100'.  Fired at short range it  could break a window or cause injury. Purchaser assumes all liability for use.  Please use responsibly.  Do not allow children to use this toy without supervision. Not suitable for children under 5.


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