Tafl boards are probably the most well known of the tafl family and are thought to be the games played by the Vikings. Archaeological finds of men and parts of boards certainly link this game with Viking settlements across Europe. It was played though well into the medieval period and only slowly overtaken by chess towards the end of the 15th C. However the 9x9 game was still being played in Scandinavia in the 18th C.

The game represents the final stages of a battle where a king, on the losing side, is being attacked on four sides by an army with twice the number of men to his defending army. To win he has to escape to one of the corners. The king loses if he is surrounded on four sides. Foot soldiers on either side are captured by ‘custodial capture’, surrounded on two sides. There is no diagonal movement and pieces may move any distance in a straight line without jumping over another piece.

Leather playing board, handmade wood disc game pieces and full instructions. Comes packed in a sturdy cardboard tube for secure transport and storage. Hand made in Wales by Gothic Green Oak.


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