Utility kit

Utility kit contains tools and supplies which you’ll find useful around the workshop and at reenactments and displays. Suitable for the period 1066-1500. Items are contained in a drawstring linen bag. 

Utility kit includes:

  • 1 pair hand forged scissors- 5.5" 
  • A wooden needle case for keeping your favourite needles safe
  • A cube of beeswax to wax thread
  • Thimble ring
  • 3 ply waxed linen cord, 45 yard spool of 
  • Thin hemp twine, 20 yds, 1 mm
  • Leather thongs, 6 ass’t length
  • Artificial sinew, 20 yd spool 

Content details:

Scissors:  Based on historical examples, cross blade scissors of this type begin appearing during the Roman peirod, and by the beginning of the early middle ages are found throughout Europe. Scissors have been approved for use by Regia Anglorum.

Needle case: Needles were valuable as well as delicate, and holders of various types are found as early as the 9th c.

Thimble ring:  Metal ‘sewing rings’ came to northwest Europe sometime after the 9th century AD. Handmade of sheet brass after medieval examples in the Museum of London.

3 ply waxed linen is the perfect weight for shoemaking, leather and harness work.

Thin hemp twine is a good weight for general repairs around camp, basketmaking including items such as bee skeps, netting and rope work.

Leather thongs come in a variety of lengths, usually in excess of 36”.

Sinew:  Sinew comes from the ligaments and tendons of an animal's body. Traditionally, taken from deer, elk, buffalo and similar animals, it is extremely strong and is an ideal natural material for thread and bowstrings. 

Real animal sinew is problematic to find, make and use. It is not uniform in size, is only available in short lengths, and preparation is a tedious and time consuming process. Artificial sinew is a waxed polyester fiber that has the look, strength, and workability of real sinew. It can be used to construct tools, lash baskets together, make arrows and bowstrings and countless other jobs. 

SAVE!  $50 if purchased separately, save  $10 by purchasing the kit! 

Please note that due to the handcrafted nature of items in this kit, dimensions are approximate and will vary slightly from piece to piece. Items may vary from photograph depending on supplier.

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