Forte and Douce Powder set- cork bottle


Of all of the arcane ingredients used in medieval cookery, few appear as regularly as powder douce and powder forte.  Although their actual composition is a subject of great debate, all food historians agree both are spices mixture. Sometimes it was available pre-mixed from the spice merchant, much as we are able to find “poultry seasoning”, “pumpkin pie spice” and “curry powder” on the shelf of our local supermarket.

Our mixes are Gwen's tried and true personal recipes, which are based on historical information and personal taste.  

Powder Forte, is a 'strong' blend containing black pepper, cubebs, cloves, cinnamon and ginger.  It can be used in any medieval recipe calling for forte powder, but you'll also find it delicious on roasts, and even in modern fruit teacakes and spicy cookie recipes. Try powder forte in place of the spices the next time you make gingerbread for a delectable twist on an old favourite!

Douce Powder is a sweet blend of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and sugar. Use it in any medieval recipe calling for douce powder, or try it in place of apple pie spice the next time you make a pie or crumble.

The set includes one bottle of Powder Douce and one of Powder Forte, a horn spoon, and a leaflet of historical information containing two of Gwen's favourite recipes.  Spices come packed in attractive imported hand made glass bottles with cork stoppers. The bottles are joined by a hand braided lanyard that provides a convenient place to store the spoon.

Invaluable in every medieval cook's spice box, this also makes a wonderful and unique gift for any cook.

Each cork stoppered bottle is approx 3.5" tall and contains approx. 1/3 cup/ 5 tablespoons of spice blend.


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