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'She ought also to behave properly at table. . . . She must be very careful not to dip her fingers in the sauce up to the knuckles, nor to smear her lips with soup or garlic or fat meat, nor to take too many pieces or too large a piece and put them in her mouth. She must hold the morsel with the tips of her fingers and dip it into the sauce, whether it be thick, thin, or clear, then convey the mouthful with care, so that no drop of soup or sauce or pepper falls on to her chest.'  From 'The Roman de la Rose', 13th C.

The medieval cook depended on sauces to add flavour to roasted and potted meats, and cookbooks of the period offer a tempting array of choices to choose from.  Custom being to dip into the sauce rather than have it poured on, these small sauce dishes are just the thing for serving a variety of sauces at the table.  Small enough for individual diners or large enough to offer many choices to a group, you'll find these a handy addition at banquets and reenactment events.

BONUS!  Each dish comes with one of Gwen's favourite sauce recipes from Epulario- a sauce of red cherries and wine, perfect for beef, lamb and duck.

MADE IN THE USA / SHOP LOCAL! - These are made in our home town of Ramona by a cottage artisan.

Approx 4" across x 1" tall.  White body with clear, food safe glaze. Not microwave safe.

Please note that due to the handcrafted nature of this item, dimensions, decoration & capacity are approximate and will vary slightly from piece to piece.


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