Armour, Full, Italian Export, circa 1470





A full armour with a Sallet and bevor for field use, made to exchange with a Frogmouthed Jousting helm (Stechhelm).

Two sets of shoulder armour were made to use with the two styles of helmets, one a set of spaudlers with fluted besagews (shown), another as set of full fluted pauldrons with reinforces for use with the sallet and bevor.

This upper portion of the armour was based in part on the tomb effigy of Ulrich Busch of Germany, circa 1470.

The leg harness is based on a painting of Saint Michael from an altarpiece by Michael Pacher, circa 1470.

The owner, Arne Koets of the Netherlands, jousts and participates in historical martial arts extremely regularly. Arne also jousted professionally at the Royal Armouries Museum Leeds for 3 years. This armour has probably seen over 100 hard uses in jousting and martial arts sparring (with steel weapons) since its completion in 2008.

Heat treated 1050 spring steel, leather, linen, brass.

Jeffrey Hedgecock, 2008.

  • Model: HAA-custom
  • Shipping Weight: 100lbs

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