Barbette & snood set, tall fillet

This barbette set is based on visual images of the mid 13 to early 14th centuries which depict a tall, flat band worn over a foundation cap which passes under the chin. The headdress is worn with or without the hair contained in a netted snood.

This style of headwear may be seen in 'The Serpent of Temptation', (St. John’s College, Cambridge Ms K 26 f.231 c. 1270-80), Gauteir de Coincy, late 13th C, 'Descretum of Gratian' (Autun Library Ms. 80, 13th C.) and countless other illuminations from the period.

Each set is made up of 4 pieces:

  • -Barbette in a demi-coif shape, ivory linen
  • -Tall fillet band, ivory linen
  • -2 handmade pins
  • -Faux silk snood (black)

The set is worn thusly: The hair is caught in the snood. The barbette is placed on the crown of the head over the snood, and the long straps are brought under the chin and pinned together at the crown. The fillet is pinned to the correct size circle to be worn as a 'crown' over the barbette and snood.

  • Ivory linen and faux silk, handmade brass pins
  • Fillet is 2 3/4" tall  and 24 3/4" long (approx)
  • One adjustable size fits all


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