The arming doublet is DRY CLEAN ONLY, due to the interlinings and interior reinforcement you can’t see. Wear a shirt under it during use, and turn it out to air dry when you’re done. Allowing it to dry in the sun will help to kill the bacteria which cause odor. A light spray with alcohol under the arms will also help with odor.

If you feel you absolutely must wash your doublet, do so by hand in a large tub, NEVER in a machine.  Dissolve a half cup of baking soda and laundry soap in cool water and submerge the doublet. Allow the doublet to soak,  Periodically swish and squeeze the soapy water thru the doublet.  Rinse in cool/room temp water until the rinse water is clear.  Squeeze out the excess water and roll in a towel to remove even more water. You can also spin it out in your washing machine to help remove as much water as possible.

When you've extracted as much water as possible, stretch out any seams or areas that have puckered. Lay the doublet flat till half dry, then try it on while damp and stretch any seams or areas which have shrunk or distorted. Hang the doublet in a well ventilated place and allow it to dry completely.

PLEASE NOTE: Water washing WILL shrink/distort the doublet, even if precautions are taken. Follow the above directions to minimize shrinkage.

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