Most of our 'Custom' work consists of creating garments from our range to a client's measurements in the fabrics and colours of their choosing.  We also personalize garments by creating new sleeves for existing designs, adding trims and details, etc. Most customization is included in the price of the garment, or avilable for a small upcharge.  Please feel free to enquire, as all consultations are free of charge.  You may email your request to gwen [at]

Research consultation is available at a rate of $30 per hour.

We undertake commissions for historical reproductions not represented in our stock range on a case by case basis. We do not copy film industry or LARP garments.  Your best interest always comes first, and we will not undertake work we do not feel we can do an outstanding job on.  We are abreast of the best historical costumiers in the world, and if we do not feel we can undertake your design we will direct you to a professional who can better serve your needs.  

All work is done in our Ramona workshops, by Gwen and her team of professional seamstresses. 

Coat, Pleated, 15th Century

Coat, Pleated, 15th Century

Short jacket typical of mid late 15th C. fashion in England, France,  Burgundy, and the Low Counties. May be seen in virtually any visual source...


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