Pewter by Lionheart Replicas

Lionheart Replicas- Colin Torode

Lionheart Replicas has been making replica medieval pewter since 1995. Metal working is in Colin's blood, as his family have been blacksmiths since the 18th century. Forging iron isn't the only type of metalworking that runs in the family, as Colin has a picture of a lead casting made by his great great grandfather in 1858.

All of Lionheart's replicas are taken from original surviving artefacts, most of which are in major museums. Lionheart's customers range from re-enactors worldwide to major European museums. Colin has worked either with or for museums such as the British Museum, The Museum of London and the Mary Rose Trust. Colin would like to thank the museum staff who have assisted in research, primarily the staff at the Museum of London, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, and The British Museum. Thanks are also due to Dr Charles Knightley for help with the Walraversijde badges.

Lionheart Replicas have been elected members of the Association of British Pewter Craftsmen. The ABPC was formed in 1970 by the pewter trade and the Worshipful Company of Pewterers; its main purpose being to promote high standards of workmanship. Their touchmark of the heart flanked by L & H is now registered with the association in exactly the same way as such marks were controlled by the Worshipful Company in the medieval period.

Historical information on Pilgrim Badges, Secular badges and brooches and Lover's tokens is available by clicking on this link:

The History of Pewter Jewelry and Trinkets.

Please note: Many of our customers complained that the thick, cast pin on other reproductions made holes in their clothing and broke off quickly; we have elected to carry Lionheart's badges because they are fitted with a modern tie-type pin and clutch which will not mar clothing, and which will not break off. The pin is not historical, but cannot be seen when the badge is afixed to clothing or hat. It seems a good compromise to us- please let us know what you think!

Photos: Colin demonstrates pewter casting on site at Rievaulx Abbey in North Yorkshire.

Brooch, Devotional annular 'Ave Maria', 13th century

Brooch, Devotional annular 'Ave Maria', 13th century

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