Gown, Herjolfsnes 'G-63', MADE TO ORDER (Linen -or- Wool)

In about 985, a Norwegian colony was established on the southern tip of Greenland. One of the settlers was Herjolf Baardsen, who took a fjord near the southern tip of Greenland (Herjolfsfiord), but lived in a settlement known as Herjolfsnes ("Herjolf's Point"). Herjolfsnes was a major settlement and port in its time, but as the world's climate changed over the next 500 years, the colony suffered from politics, extreme weather, and poor diet, deteriorating to the point where it was eventually abandoned some time between about 1375 and 1410.  

By the late 1910’s and into 1920, erosian had started exposing graves and human remains in the Herjolfsnes church graveyard. In 1921,  Danish archaeologist Dr. Poul Nörlund led a dig at the site, and the remains therein are the basis for his work "Buried Norsemen at Herjolfsnes: an archaeological and historical study." (Meddelelser om Gronland: Udgivne af Kommissionen for ledelsen af de geologiske og geogrfiske undersogelser i Gronland. Bind LXVII. Kobenhavn: C.A. Reitzel, 1924.)  In 2004, the find was reexamined by Else Ostergaard using modern techniques, and new information was published as ‘Woven into the Earth: Textile finds in Norse Greenland’ . 

Our pattern is taken from the remains of Herjolfsnes Gown #63, which has been radio carbon dated to between 1350 - 1410. Costume historians feel this garment is typical of European fashion of the mid 14th to early 15th C, having the fitted shoulder, bell shaped body, small standing collar, shaped sleeves and button placement found on the excavated garment and seen in artwork of the period. Round wood buttons mimic the cloth buttons typical of this period. (Textiles and Clothing : Medieval Finds from Excavations in London, c.1150-c.1450, Crowfoot, Pritchard, Staniland, 2001)

Comfortable and flattering on men of all sizes, the gown may be worn over a shirt in place of a tunic. In wool it may also be worn as a coat over other clothing. Model is wearing a brown G63 with a red hood. Hood sold separately

Machine buttonholes, no other visible exterior machine stitching.

PLEASE NOTE:  In recent years affordable wool blends of reasonable quality have been getting harder to find. On January 1, 2015 we stopped stocking wool garments and shifted to making them to order.  We are now working with a US mill that manufactures their own high quality goods, and stocks dozens of historically appropriate colours.  We're now able to get almost any colour you desire, from palest to darkest shades. Please either select your preferred colour from the drop down menu or send us a wish list of your top 3 colour choices in the Order Comments section of the Order Form and we'll let you know what is available. 

Pattern courtesy of I/ Marc Carlson. Used with permission

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