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We have over 15 years experience in making caparisons for jousters, reenactors, film and TV productions worldwide. Our design presents an uncompromisingly historical silhouette as seen in images such as the Codex Manesse, Rene's Book of the Tournament, Froissart and others. This design is appropriate for the period 1200-1500. 


Our design is time tested and supremely easy to put on and adjust. There are no fiddly ties to come loose or annoy your horse. Adjustment areas are discrete, and allow for the caparison to be custom fit on each horse with the minimum of fuss and maximum security. Heavy duty construction methods include a smooth, non-irritating reinforced topline seam, invisibly reinforced neck edge, and completely finished interior. Girth and dock ties secure the rear portion and prevent slippage even in the windiest conditions. 


In the medieval period when tournamenting was the purview of the wealthy,  silk was the preferred caparison fabric due to its luxurious appearance  and implied cost.  Longevity was not a consideration when the caparison was to be used once and then donated to the church. Now, users expect a caparison to have a life spanning dozens of uses to offset the cost of construction, 


The damasks and faux silk lining we use for our caparisons are a good compromise of appearance and economy. The fabrics come in brilliant, fadeproof colours, are a fibre blend which is comfortable for the horse, are sturdy without being stiff, supple without being limp, crease-proof and machine washable. The colours will not fade or run, and the caparison will not shrink, stretch or droop. The fabrics dry quickly, and are not prone to mold or mildew. A caparison weighs approximately 8 lbs, a consideration when traveling internationally to compete. With proper care they can be expected to last 3 years of regular use before looking old and tired.  


We do not stock caparisons, but make them up custom for each client. It is impossible to list an accurate generic price, as there are no 'generic' caparisons. What follows is a basic guideline of costs. We will be happy to quote a price for your caparison at no charge or obligation. To request a quote, please email 


Base price- $750 

-Solid colour damask outside fabric

-Completely lined with contrasting faux silk

-Adjustable front

-Invisible velcro adjustment under saddle area

-Girth ties

-Dock ties 


Add ons- 

-Simple charges or particolour- $100-$200 

-Embroidered appliques- from $35 each (12" x 12" approx) 

-Hood (removable)- $200

-Dagged bottom -$250

-Other customization available, please enquire


BONUS- Each caparison comes with a storage bag and an assortment of iron-on repair patches, standard. 


Red caparison shown was made for English Heritage Spring 2012- 

Red washable damask fully lined in emerald green faux silk. Simple heraldry, dagged bottom- $1,150 


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